A Brand New Type of Torment: Planescape’s Legacy Finds a ” New World “

A Brand New Type of Torment: Planescape’s Legacy Finds a ” New World “

A Brand New Type of Torment: Planescape’s Legacy Finds a ” New World ”

They behind 1999’s cult classic RPG Planescape: Torment re-unite to provide existence to some spiritual follow up with different new world but original design values.

Based on a job interview on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, people from the team behind 1999’s award-winning Planescape: Torment have resurfaced and therefore are searching to go back to the concepts that came many fans in to the story from the Nameless One.

An Outrageous Studio Seems…

John Fargo, formerly of Interplay, has collected together a group comprising many people who led to the lauded RPG. There is however a twist - even though the Torment is going to be apparent, the Planescape metaverse won’t appear, rather a brand new new IP in the mind of former Planescape designer, Monte Prepare, will give you your brain-bending backdrop for that new title.

Cook’s Numenera is definitely an intriguing “science fantasy” world initially developed like a Kickstarter-funded pen-and-paper roleplaying system. The setting is referred to as “filled with remains of all of the former worlds: items of nanotechnology, the dataweb threaded among still-orbiting satellites, bio-engineered creatures, and myriad strange and wondrous devices.”

Fargo explains that, even though the new Torment title won’t include Planescape’s multi-dimensional strangeness, a lot of the philosophy remains

“We won’t have faeries or demons, but we’ll have diabolical creatures from far dimensions with schemes beyond human imagination. We won’t have gods, but we’ll have creatures who’ve resided for millennia using the forces of creation and destruction in their fingertips, with abilities honed over numerous lifetimes. We won’t produce other planes by itself, but we’ll have pathways to hostile worlds and bizarre landscapes and ancient machines that catapult players into places in which the ordinary laws and regulations of nature no more apply.”

What’s Gone Before

The initial Planescape: Torment grew to become a cult classic adventure game. Dark humour, well-realized figures along with a captivating and original world labored together to provide a properly-told tale. It had been surprising then, it never spawned a follow up. A hard development cycle, lukewarm commercial success and legal red-tape concerning ip legal rights were probably the most likely adding factors for this notable absence in the halls of gaming history.

The legal rights towards the extra-planar town of Sigil and also the Planescape world were area of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons stable, of Wizards from the Coast. Black Isle Studios were the developers who created Planescape: Torment under licence following the prosperity of Baldur’s Gate, another AD&D-inspired adventure title.

Sadly, Black Isle Studios closed in 2003 resulting in the cancellation of numerous projects, including further Baldur’s Gate titles, the initial Fallout 3 with individuals, any hope of the Planescape: Torment follow up.

However, ten years later, there’s new expect fans from the original classic because the appropriately-named studio inXile forges an alliance using the imagination of Monte Prepare.

Creativeness finds a means.

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