Journey developer reveals their next game, Sky, will launch first on iOS

Journey developer reveals their next game, Sky, will launch first on iOS

After teasing what made an appearance to become a mobile game in November of this past year, Journey developer, thatgamecompany has revealed Sky (trailer embedded above), a social adventure which may be performed having a single finger which will release first on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. Sky was created from the concept that it’s just like Journey but could be performed with concurrently with individuals surrounding you.

From thatgamecompany’s blog:

“Following the discharge of Journey, a lot of fans authored to inform us just how much they enjoyed playing the sport using their spouse, children or family members, and requested when we could produce a game where they might play together. We would have liked as many folks to like games, and thus i was asked to explore this concept at thatgamecompany.”

This concept of making a bigger community is exactly what pressed the event team to maneuver from console to mobile since there are plenty of more various kinds of people and gamers of different abilities which have smartphones.

The teaser trailer does not hand out much apart from the truth that the sport follows an identical art style to Journey, features multi-player, and happens inside a world over the clouds. It’s unclear when the game ties into Journey whatsoever, but in the looks of this cloud mountain using the shining light at the very top within the trailer, its format ought to be quite similar. It might be awesome if Sky symbolized the next thing within the adventure from Journey, but at the minimum its design seems to echo what made Journey the sport it had become.

Sky releases on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad this winter season.

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