Future 2: PSN, CABBAGE, NIGHTINGALE, and ce-34878- errors

Future 2: PSN, CABBAGE, NIGHTINGALE, and ce-34878- errors

estiny 2 has launched and if you have been playing the sport since that time, you’ve most likely experienced lots of Public Occasions (here is how to trigger Heroic ones) and also got some Exotics (ways to get the Rat King). Regrettably, the sport launched with known issues.

With regards to the Ps 4 issues, Bungie has released an announcement stating that PSN issues ought to be resolved.

“Issues causing players on Ps 4 to get a mistake indicating permissions to gain access to online multi-player happen to be resolved.”

The CABBAGE error appears to stay a mysterious and Bungie is ongoing their analysis in it. Information collected on forums points toward Technicolor brand modems seeing probably the most the process of this error.


Restricted to PS4 Pro, this error causes crashes. Quite a few users have reported the problem getting removed up, however, Bungie released the next statement via forums:

“We know about reports of some PS4 Pro players encountering crashes and therefore are dealing with our partners to research the problem. Some players have reported that switching off “Boost Mode” has reduced the regularity by which this problem occurs.”


This code seems once the game cannot connect to the proper save files, and it is associated with a corrupted cache.

To repair this, exit Future 2 and power lower your console. Unplug it and wait for a capacity to cycle then plug it in, switch on, and restart the sport. In the event that does not work, try completely uninstalling and reinstalling Future 2.


Based on Bungie, this update “can be because of packet loss or disconnections involving the home network and Bungie. It may be brought on by certain Wireless setups, or mobile hotspots that could have observed a blip or lack of connection.”

It’s recommended you initially make sure that your NAT type is open. If it’s and also the game still is not working, attempt to change to a wired connection (if at all possible) or restart your router.

If the fails, you could turn the console off then back on again.

Oh and here’s a good way to gain access to the map.

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