Microsoft to talk about Ocean of Thieves water tech with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Microsoft to talk about Ocean of Thieves water tech with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is constantly on the dominate the dunia ngeblog and games industry with news of breaking records, topping Leauge of Legends’ thoughts about Twitch and selling over ten million copies in only five several weeks all while still at the begining of access.

As the Xbox One X launches this fall, its launch selection is quite sparse after losing Attack 3 (for that better) and Ocean of Thieves until the coming year. Therefore it is reassuring towards the Xbox community the ultra-popular fight royale game is due the Xbox One S and X, like a confusing exclusive, this fall.

While PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a nice decent searching game, it’s massive maps, vehicles, and a lot of detail throughout, but PlayerUnknown, also known as Brenden Greene, themself has accepted their water tech is not precisely the best. But apparently, Microsoft’ publishing deal (around the Xbox) with Bluehole covers not only delivering the sport towards the Xbox community, it seems that Bluehole and Greene are “connected” along with other Microsoft Studios, most particularly, Rare by association, their technology.

Within an interview with GamesIndustry, Greene discusses meeting a couple of folks from who recommended they share their tech. This made Greene excited, as Rare’s Ocean of Thieves has some incredible water tech.

“You will find games like Future that actually get auto-aim and controllers within an FPS feeling good. And i believe by using Microsoft’s help it’s really getting it feeling just like a good shooter on the console. You want to provide the same experience. You want to PC and Xbox to become identical with regards to the experience you’ve playing the sport.Inch

“And the other factor is, I had been in the Microsoft event yesterday speaking towards the Ocean of Thieves guys. They stated they loved the sport, they listen to it a great deal, but, ‘Oh, you’re water.’ I am talking about, our water may not be good, but Rare has great water tech. They stated, ‘We should share some understanding.’ That’s an excellent factor about being a member of a network of studios. We are able to have that water tech, basically free of charge, so we can share stuff together. That’s just invaluable as their water is excellent. Getting that will really complete the world nicely.”

According to this interview, it feels a lot more like Rare’s water tech appearing in Battlegrounds is much more of the possibility, than the usual certainty. I surely wouldn’t expect it to look hanging around when Battlegrounds debuts around the Xbox later this fall.

For individuals wondering what Ocean of Thieves water tech can perform, here is a gif revealing the tech. As I personally think Uncharted 4 might have an advantage, this really is still spectacular and miles much better than what presently existing PUBG now.

sea of thieves gif

An issue does arise out of this speculation. If, and that i do mean if, PUBG does arrived at the Ps 4, as numerous expect, and when this Ocean of Thieves water tech is eventually used, does it are also available in tow when or maybe it arrives on Sony’s console?

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