Bethesda has worked with an unannounced game set to produce this season

Bethesda has worked with an unannounced game set to produce this season

It appears as though Bethesda continues to be secretly at the office on the mystery game plus they must be announcing it soon… since it will supposedly release this season.

During PAX West Bethesda’s VP of promoting and PR Pete Hines told Tek Syndicate at this there’s a surprise game from Bethesda set to produce this season. Hines offered no details, stating that people can wait since it will not be “such a long time” before we begin listening to it.

“…We have got Skyrim Switch, we have got Wolfenstein 2 and also the Evil Within 2, and Quake Champions free-to-play, and Elder Scrolls Legends free-to-play, and Elder Scrolls On the internet and Dishonored Dying from the Outsider-there exists a tonne of stuff happening.

“We also have a game title being released this season that people haven’t even told anybody about yet. They are able to wait, it will not be such a long time.”

With your little information, it’s unclear if the game is really a new IP or perhaps a new game within an existing franchise. It’s important to note there would be a pretty interesting rumor circulating the 2009 summer time that recommended Bethesda ran a wide open world sci-fi game, entitled Starfield, that lent components from their other major franchise like Skyrim and Fallout.

That can be a rumor is interesting, additionally, there are the possibility that Bethesda is focusing on another mobile game.

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