Gaming on your gamepad

Nowadays more and more people start to play on gamepads. Keyboard and mouse are perfect when you playing competitive games, but in single-player games with the plot, gamepads are better. You can connect a TV with your computer or console and play games with a gamepad while sitting or lying on your bed or a couch. But for a PC gamer, it is very hard to substitute a mouse and keyboard for gamepad. Because gamepads feel very differently and you may face with a "control" problems. We are going to share ways of how you can adapt to gaming with your gamepad.

Adjust the sensitivity for yourself.

Don't be shy to change the default sensitivity settings if it is too high or low. The same principle as with mouth is applied here. Set it to your comfort level. To do this you will have to try different settings before you find the optimal result. But don't change your sensitivity too often. Over time, you will find your best sensitivity level. Some pro-gamers say that when switching from mouse and keyboard to gamepad you need to start with rather low sensitivity and go higher with the time. Try what is the best option for you.

Aim with the screen (from the hip), and then turn to full aiming mode.

It is very important to aim with the screen first and only then move on to full aiming mode. You are doomed if you are going to aim at your enemies with full aiming mode from the beginning. Full aiming mode usually decreases the sensitivity level, thus making finding your enemy in this mode harder for you. You should use it only for more precise targeting.

Use both analog sticks.

When you are playing with the keyboard and mouse you use the WASD button combination to move and the mouse to aim at the same time. You help yourself to aim you’re your movements. With gamepad sticks, everything is exactly the same. Mastering aiming with one stick is nice, but it is way better with the two sticks. Your movements should be in the consistency with your aiming. Some people move sideways to prevent their enemies from hitting them. This tactic is called "Strafe", but this is a mistake when you are playing with the gamepad. It is always better to hit your opponent first than to try to dodge his or her bullets. With time you will master strafe and it will help you with aiming, but not from the beginning.

Auto-aim is your friend.

For the beginning, it is better to leave the auto-aim option on. It will help you to adapt to your gamepad. Don't try to play in some multiplayer competitive first-person shooters with your gamepad if you are just a beginner. You need to learn how to hold the gamepad in your hands and get comfortable with the controls first.


            Switching from the mouse and keyboard to the gamepad is hard, so don’t expect to become the TOP players in the first evening with the gamepad in your hands. It is important to start small, fox example you may play in one of the walking simulators (like “Firewatch”). Remember, the more you play, the better you get.

 Playing on the gamepad is an art. Sometimes it feels even better and more comfortable than playing on the mouse and keyboard. Because nowadays most games are originally made for gamepads and only after a while are ported to the personal computer and adapted to the mouse and keyboard.

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