How to choose the VR Headset

The virtual reality technology (VR ) provides a completely different experience and impressions than the usual monitors. Now virtual reality technology is experiencing a real boom and the market for such electronics is vast. Everyone can choose a model that suits hem best. It can be a simple smartphone holder with cheap lenses or advanced models designed with their screens, sensors and smart controllers.


The VR headsets market is highly segmented. For the cheapest price, you literary get a cardboard box with very simple lenses. Also, you will have to manually install your smartphone here. Plus, you will need a decent smartphone or the quality of the VR experience will be very low. These devices can't be called a full VR Headsets, but they are useful if you want to have some fun with your friends. Mid-price segment devices are often also focused on working with a smartphone. But they are designed with better ergonomics, built-in sensors and, sometimes, external controllers. Occasionally you may also find models with their screen. The most expensive VR headsets are equipped with advanced mounting systems, own displays, and a full set of sensors and controllers. And, most often, they are focused on working with personal computers, consoles, and some powerful laptops.

Pay attention to the VR headset case.

Since VR headsets are glasses or helmets that you are going to put on your head with dating russian ladies, the main thing that you need to take into consideration when choosing them is a comfort. Yes, we advise you to try to use your desired VR headset before you buy it. For example, it may have tight straps or push on your face too hard, or it may not have enough regulations for you. If you are going to buy a model that works with a smartphone, pay attention to the method of its attachment to the device and the size of the screen that is supported by the headset. By the way, advanced models have touch panels and vibration motors built into the case.

Lenses and a screen.

In any VR headset, optical lenses are responsible for the three-dimensional image. Of course, they should not be defective, because otherwise, the picture will be blurry. But there are two other important parameters, or rather, settings. First, the focus adjustment. Without it, people with nearsightedness and farsightedness will not be able to use a VR headset. Secondly, Adjustment of the interpupillary distance. It is the distance between the centers of your two pupils. This parameter is individual for each person. In models with integrated screens, you need to pay attention to the display resolution for each eye and the viewing angle. The higher they are, the better the final VR experience will be.

Sensors and controllers.

With the most affordable models, everything is clear and you can't count on anything other than lenses in the case. In the middle-class VR headsets, you can already find a built-in accelerometer, a gyroscope, a proximity sensor, and sometimes a motion sensor. To experience a more advanced involvement in the world of VR you need to search for more advanced models that offer special controllers that can turn your room into a real playing place.

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